Services & Repairing

Our company prides itself in standing by the products we manufacture and supply and we will, at any time offer assistance, repair and maintain, should it be required.

Renewing service
We have a section of our company that renews used/old filter elements and brings them back to original specifications.

This is done by firstly stripping the filter media and re-using the end-caps and inner cores, which in turn means environmental awareness and re-cycling by decreasing waste.

Cleaning service
We will collect and deliver filter elements which can be ultrasonically cleaned. Most stainless steel mesh filter elements and those which are sintered material can be washed and dried back to their original specifications and thereby recycling and saving.

The above services are at a fraction of the cost of the new replacement filter elements.
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We have a team that will go to your site and maintain & repair dust handling filter systems. All the equipment that we supply, we are able to maintain and support should it be required. We offer top quality replacement cartridges and bags for almost any brand or model of dust collector and we can do the replacement or supply of the filters.

We can repair or replace the pulse valves and time boards, do structural repairs and offer new and used collectors, if you feel yours isn’t worth repairing.

To summarise

  • Dust collection filters
  • Trouble shooting and repairs
  • On and off site repairs
  • We buy and sell used machines
  • We balance fans

Manufacturing of end caps for any filter element.

Stripping bay where old filter media gets removed from steel parts.

Refurbishing of old filter housing to spec.

Installation of filter bags in a dust handling plant

Servicing team out on a typical every day operation


Special filter elements can be renewed & manufactured quickly