You can count on Ultimate Filter Options to be your source of optimum filtration solutions for your application including products designed to ASME Section VIII Div 1 -filters in mining environment.

Inline Conical Strainer

We manufacture to spec Inline Conical Strainer

Gravity sand Filter

Gravity sand Filter completely Self-Cleaning with Electronics

Self-Cleaning Strainers in Material Plant

Self-Cleaning Strainers in Material Plant

Metal Fibre felt filter material

Metal Fibre felt filter material for High Temperature application from 2 micron upwards


Typical Process Plant Installation

Self-Cleaning Suction Strainers

Self-Cleaning Suction StrainersAs standard they are made of carbon steel coated with epoxy-polyester paint, with a stainless steel mesh. They are self-cleaning filters which are placed on the suction side of pumps, submerged in rivers, canals, lakes... to prevent any particles likely to cause damage or clogging from entering the network.

They have excellent performance due to their large filtering area.

Available in different degrees of filtration and materials.

Self-Cleaning Filter – FMA 6000

STF filters Series 6000 are electric drive automatic screen filters. They are specially designed for their assembly in piping alignments with high flow rates for municipal, industrial and irrigation applications.

The main feature of this device is no pressure is required for self-cleaning. The filters in the FMA 6000 series are coupled directly to the pipe by means of standardized flanges, as an element thereof. The only installation required is the connection of electrical and control elements.

All materials are top quality, and stainless steel is used in all mechanical components in contact with water. The filter body is made of carbon steel. The mechanical elements are placed in the "clean water" side so that no foreign body can affect its operation.

  • Continuous filtration process during the backwashing cycle.
  • Double Diamond screen that diminishes the head loss and make the backwashing
  • 1, 1,5 and 2 mm filtration degrees.
  • It is designed for tubes between 500 mm and 3 meters diameter. (16 – 120")
  • Flow rates up to 52.000 m³/h.

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