The biggest “killer” of diesel fuels is condensation and free water. If the above can be eliminated in the bulk tanks, the “fight has been won!”.

We have filtration systems that can ensure that your diesel fuel gets to the burner / injector at the best efficiency possible.

E - Type Water Removal Filter System

  • Our filter relies on basic physic principles, it removes 100% of the free water
  • Our filter doesn’t require coalescing filter elements
  • Water is removed automatically
  • Built in safety feature to shut the system down in case of accidental diesel drainage
  • SMS alert in case of system shut down
  • System is sized to any application
  • Operating system is easy to follow – “Plug and Play”

Self-Cleaning Filter

Our Self-Cleaning Filter has been used as a pre to a bulk tank


Inline Filter / Coalescing Type which automatically remove free water from the diesel

E-Type Electric Panel

E-Type Electric Panel

E-Type Filter Unit

E-Type Filter Unit

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